The start of a new project


I’ve always wanted to completely design and build my own car, so after meeting a local guy who built his own locost 7 style car, I’ve started to lay it out in Modo. I’m trying not to rip off the Ariel Atom too heavily, but they did a nice job so it’s kind of tough.


The plan right now is to find a early 90′s Acura Integra as a donor car for the engine, transmission, wiring and a few other bits and then upgrade the engine and components as I can. I’m at the point now where I need to review the designs with an ICBC vehicle inspector before I spend any money on metal etc.


The most fun part for me so far has been to pick parts that I like rather than what works on an older design like the Spitfire. Rizoma motorcycle mirrors, Drift Iridium guages and Momo Race steering wheel for starters.

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