First in Class at Van Dusen ABFM 2010


I took my Spitfire over to the Van Dusen All British Field Meet in Vancouver. Unbelievable turnout, over 650 cars. They were turning people away who hadn’t pre-registered. I won the Spitfire/GT6 class out of 12 entrants, so I was pretty stoked. Not only that, but the car ran flawlessly on the trip there and back on the ferry. I’m thinking about taking it down to Portland in September for the big show there.


A nice shot across the fronts of all the Spitfires and GT6s. A good cross section too – Mk I’s, III’s, IV’s and 1500s as well as a Mk II GT6 and a Mk III.


Another shot showing how big the crowds were. The weather was a bit unsettled with a light drizzle hitting around 4pm when the awards were being handed out. The owners of the more expensive cars were definitely scrambling.


This was the 1971 GT6 that came second in class. A very nice original California GT6 the owner had picked up for 10K. The colour combination is identical to my 1972 GT6 – Damson with a tan interior. He had added a very slick fuel injection that fit almost invisibly inside the stock Strombergs.

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