The start of the Triumph GT6 restoration


These are the official before shots of my 1972 Triumph GT6 MKIII. I drove it year-round for about 5 years and then parked it in the driveway for another 5. Now that the Spitfire’s sorted, I’m going to do a fairly quick overhaul of the GT6. A full restoration, but not quite as involved as the Spitfire was and hopefully in less time.


There’s a bit of rust in the rockers and the engine needs a rebuild or refresh at the minimum.


I’m hoping to use more of the original pieces than I did with the Spitfire to keep the cost down. One thing I do plan to change though, is the carbs. Either a dual Mikuni setup or maybe the fuel injection kit you can get for the Strombergs.


The interior needs redoing as well. I won’t be keeping the tan interior as I’m thinking I’ll go with Jasmine Yellow over black.


The GT6 resting in the new garage with my Spitfire. Lots of work to get the garage up to snuff as well.

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