Queen Alexandra European Car Picnic


My daughter and I went to the Queen Alexandra European Car Picnic over the weekend. It’s a great event put on to support the Queen Alexandra Children’s Hospital. Great family atmosphere and a great mix of cars too.


Here’s the Spitfire parked next to an MGB and in front of a couple of BMW 3.0 CS Coupes. I actually did a painting of that exact Fjord Blue BMW – weird coincidence. The Pantera in the background there has the most insane turbo plumbing I’ve ever seen – it literally takes up all of the available space around the engine and transmission.


A wide shot of part of the show – as I said, a great mix of cars. Where else are you going to see a Lotus next to a Ferrari behind an Impala etc.


This one was out in the parking lot, first time I’ve seen one in person, nicer than in pictures for sure.


The SLS couldn’t beat the sound of this one though. I’m not sure of the actual value, but it looked fantastic. I particularly loved the hand brush painted numbers on the door.

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