The locost midi with correct tire direction!


After having a few people comment on the tire direction, I’ve decided to re-render with them flipped around. Wasn’t really paying that much attention to them as I had sourced them from another model. Anyway, I’m carrying on with the design layout – still pretty rough at this stage, but I’ve purchased the seats, steering wheel and pedal box, so I’ll be doing a more thorough layout of the cockpit area to get the packaging down before finalizing the chassis for testing.


I may be looking at the chassis design again after this render, I’m not too sure about the way the front dips way down, although it might just be the angle. I’ll have to relook at my front suspension mounting points to make sure the front tube is high enough. I may end up having the front tab sit on structure blow the big arcing tube instead of on it to simplify alignment and construction.


One of my favourite angles, although having to cover up the engine with shrouding to make it legal will ruin some of the aesthetic appeal.

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